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If you’re a medical supplies maker or brand

Photo of Customed OfficesAs the leader in medical supplies, we distribute to virtually every hospital and thousands of doctors’ offices, hospices, laboratories, radiology centers, pharmacies and other healthcare facilities. We distribute a wide range of products, everything but the medicines.

Our Customed division is the island’s leading supplier of customized packs, kits and trays and is rapidly expanding its global distribution. By making us your distributor of choice, your product can be sold not only as an individual supply, but also as a component of the broad variety of packs we assemble and manufacture for providers in Puerto Rico and around the world.

We feature a large team dedicated to making sure that providers always have your product in stock. Not only does this reliability make a difference in the perception of your brand and service, but more importantly it can make a difference in providing the care and treatment patients need.

Customed Supplier Quality Requirements

Key elements of our supplier quality requirements are included in our Customed Supplier Quality Requirements. We expect our suppliers to read and fully understand these elements.