Specialist® Orthopaedic Cotton Stockinette 2″ x 25 yds, Latex-Free

Catalog Number: 9072
Item Number: 190210199072
Units: 9RL/CS

Product Description

The American Orthopaedic™ Cast Cutter provides precisely what is needed when needed: power, speed, quiet operation, durability, ease of operation and a balance of weight and power.

Includes one 2.5″ diameter multi-purpose blade and wrench.

  • Drive: Hex
  • Voltage: 115 VAC, 1.5 amps hex drive
  • Supply Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Cord Length: 10′ with hospital grade plug
  • Certification: UL CertificationFeatures & Benefits:
  • Balance of weight and power helps reduce user fatigue.
  • Internally lubricated for longer service.
  • Designed for rugged use.
  • Switch is designed and placed so that it will not break if dropped.
  • Hex drive provides six (6) blade rotations extending blade life by 50%
  • 10 foot power cord.
  • Hospital grade plug.