3M™ Duraprep™ Surgical Solution and Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation, 6 ML

Catalog Number: 8635
Item Number: 185330098635
Units: 50/CS

Product Description

3M™ DuraPrep™ Surgical Solution (Iodine Povacrylex [0.7% available iodine] and Isopropyl Alcohol, 74% w/w) Patient Preoperative Skin Preparation, 6 mL

Clinically proven and cost effective, this patient skin prepping solution meets AORN and CDC guidelines for the reduction of surgical site infections.


Designed to be applied in a single, painted coat:

  • 2 log reduction – abdomen at 10 minutes
  • 3 log reduction – groin at 10 minutes
  • Both sites maintain counts below baseline out to 6 hours
  • Has substantial clinical documentation including data in simulated surgical conditions: – 5 human safety studies – 9 in vitro studies – 8 in vitro studies – 8 clinical in-use studies
  • Dries to a water-insoluble film that immobilizes bacteria not killed, reducing the risk of microbial migration to the surgical incision, even when an incise drape isn’t used