3M™ Red Dot™ Neonatal, Pre-Wired, Non-Radiolucent Monitoring with Soft Cloth .9″ X .9″

Catalog Number: 2280
Item Number: 185330022280
Units: 3/POUCH 100/BX 3BX/CS

Product Description

.9 inch x .9 inch (2,2cm x 2,2cm) Neonatal, Pre-wired, Non-radiolucent Monitoring Electrode with soft cloth, 18 inch leadwire length.


  • Conductive adhesive provides gentle adhesion to the skin with minimal adhesive residue for reliable traces and low skin irritation potential.
  • 2280 series backing is breathable, conformable, stretchable, and gentle to the skin for excellent patient comfort.
  • Convenient prewired electrodes eliminate pressure points and false alarms caused by lead wire disconnections. Integrated lead wires ensure a strong, secure system that lasts.
  • Available in small and large sizes to meet patient needs.