3M™ Red Dot™ Resting EKG Electrode 2cm x 2cm

Catalog Number: 2360
Item Number: 185330022360
Units: 10/Card 10Card/BG 40BG/CS

Product Description

2cm x 2cm Resting EKG Electrode with Conductive Adhesive, Tab Style, (2360 electrode has a stronger adhesive than the 2330 electrode).


  • Tab-style electrode has pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove, and provides rapid and intimate skin contact to ensure high quality trace pickup.
  • Radiolucent to minimize the need to replace or remove electrodes in most radiological imaging applications (except 2352).
  • Extra large tabs (2330, 2360) for easy handling and attachment.
  • Semi-stiff backing (2330, 2360) reduces roll-off and minimizes electrode lift.
  • Snap-style electrode (2352) has foam backing that is stretchable, comfortable and gentle to the skin.